Unverferth 165

Unverferth 165 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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Unverferth 165 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina



  • Large 16" diameter baskets constructed with 10 high-carbon steel 3/8" thick blades
  • Full-length 2-3/8" steel center shaft for optimum durability
  • Vertical reinforcing disks spaced every 12" for added strength
  • Reinforced roller endplates are formed to extend life and reduce wrapping of tough residues
  • Reversible baskets for either aggressive mixing action or for packing effect
  • Superior clearance between the roller and frame assures uninterrupted operation
  • Adjustable tongue length for added turning clearance
  • Dual transport wheels with 7.60 x 15 tires are positioned ahead of the roller for eliminating tracks and providing enhanced stability
  • Trussed-frame design for added rigidity
  • Optional leveling bar in front of the rollers provides added smoothing and a more even surface for the most effective tillage action possible
  • The leveling bar features a tool-free spring pressure adjustment for fine-tuning aggressiveness
  • Leveling bar can be pinned up for high-residue situations and available with choice of:
    • Diagonal round tooth with heat-treated 3/4" x 11" teeth
    • Spike-tooth with forged 3/4" x 11" diamond-shaped teeth
    • Coil-tine with 3/8" x 17" long spring tine
  • Hoses are routed through the frame and include end caps for maximum life
  • Powder-coated finish in choice of tractor-matching green or red
  • On 24' - 36' units, single hydraulics with a split function valve is standard and on 38' - 50' units, dual hydraulics are standard
  • Available in sizes from 12' to 50'
  • Available wing lift-assist packages with 9.5x15, 8-ply tires provide added stability when turning unit at ends of field
  • Standard light package for safer transport



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