Primary Tillage

6│DT Subsoil Ripper
Eliminate yield-robbing, root-zone compaction, increase soil porosity and utilize deeper soil moisture and nutrients
The Orthman 6|DT subsoil ripper is designed as a soil conservation tool that destroys deep compaction layers to increase moisture intake, reduce runoff and increase yields. With a working depth ranging from 8-20 inches, the 6|DT enables your field to soak up moisture and produce to the best of its ability. The 6|DT provides maximum tillage without the loss of moisture from evaporation and is the most effective tool available to correct yield-robbing and moisture-denying compaction layers.



Engineered Strength

D 6DT Subsoil Ripper Framework

The all-new heavy-duty toolbar is designed from the ground up to withstand the rigors of ripping up to 20 inches deep. Made from dual 7x7-inch bars with engineered reinforcements to provide unmatched toolbar strength, the 6|DT is available in row spacings of 30, 36, 38 and 40 inches, with five to nine shanks, and with category 3-N or 4-N three-point hitches.


E 6DT Subsoil Ripper Coulters

spring coulter video buttonAvailable with either a 20-inch leading rigid cutting coulter or the all-new Orthman zero maintenance spring coulter to slice through the thickest residue to eliminate plugging, the 6|DT has the options needed to customize to your operation.



G 6DT Subsoil Ripper Rigid CoulterRigid cutting coulter
The time-tested Orthman rigid cutting coulter comes standard with a 20-inch rippled coulter, and offers an economical option for growers not requiring a spring loaded coulter.



H 6DT Subsoil Ripper Spring CoulterNew zero maintenance spring coulter
The main-arm pivot of the spring coulter utilizes a greaseless composite bushing that never needs greasing. Providing up to 1,200 pounds of residue-cutting power, the fertilizer- and chemical-resistant rubber compression spring is impervious to failures such as stretching or breaking that are common with conventional steel springs.



I Subsoil Ripper Spring Coulter SKF Agri HubHeavy-Duty Bearings
The fully integrated hub bearing system is greased and sealed for life, requiring zero daily maintenance for increased productivity, reduced ownership costs and up to three times the service life over conventional designs. Bearings are designed to withstand the harshest operating conditions with fertilizer-resistant plating and more than five tons of dynamic load strength to handle even the toughest operating conditions.


 J 6DT Subsoil Ripper



K 6DTSubsoil Ripper rock hitHigh-Strength Shanks
The 1.25-inch x 8-inch high-strength shanks let you destroy compaction layers up to 20 inches deep. The shanks are forward swept 20 degrees to limit soil surface disruption while fracturing up to 30 inches across the soil. Economical shear-bolts protect the shank against damage caused by unseen underground obstacles.


 Q 6DT Subsoil Ripper Overview


  1. Heavy-duty toolbar with Cat 3 or Cat 4 hitch and from five to seven shank configurations
  2. Shatter compaction layers from 8 to 20 inches deep
  3. Available with rigid or all-new, zero-maintenance, spring-loaded cutting coulter
  4. Multiple point options to match to your operation
  5. Swept forward shank design limits soil disruption and shatters up to 30 inches wide
  6. Optional gauge wheels with crank or pin adjustment options
  7. Safety lighting kits standard on machines larger than 12 feet

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