Fallow Tillage

Maximize water retention and minimize erosion with Orthman fallow tillage equipment
Wheat-fallow rotation methods of dryland farming remain the dominant cropping systems in many arid and semi-arid regions. Conventional tillage practices leave the soil vulnerable to erosion by removing residue and destroying soil structure. Utilizing non-inversion implements such as the Orthman Fallow Master and Blade Plow for primary spring tillage helps retain higher levels of surface residue and soil structure during the fallow period.

More importantly, Orthman’s fallow tillage tools create the ideal conditions to maximize soil moisture retention. Residue maintenance on the soil surface helps trap snow, absorb raindrop impact, slow runoff and minimize evaporation, and also helps control weeds at critical times in the production cycle.


Fallow Master
High performance conservation tillage
The Fallow Master is designed to give you high-efficiency tillage in a wide range of soil conditions by cutting through weeds and cover crops while leaving the majority of residue exposed for maximum water storage efficiency. The Fallow Master features two ranks of overlapping hard-faced sweeps and flexible frame sections for effective weed control and blanket tillage.


B Fallow Master

Blade Plow
Cut through residue for effective weed control and uniform tillage
Orthman’s Blade Plow conservation tillage machine features large overlapping hard-faced sweeps, high-strength steel standards and durable cutting coulters to reduce residue hairpinning. With working widths from a maneuverable 33’ to a commanding 55’, the Blade Plow is a cost-effective option for killing weeds in fallow ground or prior to planting.

C Blade Plow

Stubble Treader
Minimal disturbance and maximum weed kill
The Stubble Treader’s rugged, large diameter, 7-tooth, hard-surfaced treaders rip out weeds, and aerate soil, while our exclusive angle and pressure adjustment allows you to quickly set them to match your field conditions. Orthman’s universal mounting design allows the Stubble Treader to be integrated with virtually any chisel or plow.

D Stubble Treader


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