• Orthman Forced Ejection Scraper - FE 8120 - Product Video

    The Forced Ejection FE (dolly-wheel hitch) and FX (drawbar hitch) lines are the most popular scrapers in the lineup. They are designed for precision earth moving, with the ability to transport soil any distance, and allow the operator to unload at a precise depth with an exact amount of material. For more information go to the Orthman website or use the link below.

  • Orthman Commercial Scraper - CSX 1270 - Product Video

    The extra heavy-duty CSX line is engineered to be the strongest, largest scraper line in the industry. The engineered strength and immense weight of the CSX make it ideal for the punishing environments of large feedlots and industrial construction sites. They are available in 10′, 12′ and 14′ cutting widths, with capacities of 5, 7 and 9 cubic yards. The standard tilt axle provides 8° of tilt to precisely shape your worksite. For more information go to the Orthman Website or use the link below.

  • Orthman 5SP Stalk Puller Product Video

    The Orthman Stalk Puller is the ideal tool to root out last year’s crop residue and provide a residue-free seedbed for planting. This rugged tool uses low tractor horsepower, at high speeds of 10 mph and above, to make short work of large fields. For more information go to Orthman's Website or use the link below.

  • Orthman Ag Division

    Great ideas in agriculture come from farmers in the field.

  • CEMA Safety Video

    CEMA Safety Video

  • 1tRIPr precision strip tillage

    Information on the benefits of the 1tRIPr strip till machine, with more precision tillage acres under it than any other machine in the world. The video shows how the 1tRIPr provides an ideal seedbed, offers precision nutrient placement, and ideal root zone conditions throughout the entire growing season.

  • Deere Orthman DR planter

    John Deere 8530 tractor with DR12 12-row 30" planter planting soybeans in Nebraska. Video is courtesy Hinkson Brothers farms. The DR12 planter shown is fully mounted, eliminating the need for lift-assist wheels and allowing producers maximum maneuverability. It offers a 35 bushel CCS seed hopper and a transport width of just 18'4".

  • Orthman 1tRIPr - spring strip till

    In-row footage of strip tillage in HEAVY, standing-stalk corn residue. The 1tRIPr provides all 3 principles of true precision strip tillage: it prepares an ideal seedbed (warm soil and smooth surface for planting), allows for precision nutrient placement (dry, liquid, or NH3 fertilizer), and provides optimal root-zone conditions all season long (shatters compaction for ideal below-ground development). The 1tRIPr was developed 20 years ago to combat low commodity prices, high input costs, and water limitations - visit your local Orthman dealer to see how the 1tRIPr can help you achieve maximum yield and maximum profit from your acres.

  • Orthman TRACK TILLr pivot track tiller

    The Orthman 5TT TRACK TILLr is the ultimate machine for repairing the tracks and ruts caused by center pivots. Most pivot track fillers do exactly that: They fill the track with trash and then cover it with a layer of dirt. The Pivot Track TILLr uses an entirely new set of tooling to bust up hard ruts, fill the track with soil (not trash), and pack it and feather out the soil surface up to 100” wide. Learn more at

  • Orthman TRACK TILLr

    Introducing the all-new Orthman TRACK TILLr, a pivot track tiller that does MORE than just filling the track with residue and loose dirt - it actually tills the track, ripping out the compacted sidewall and feathering the track for a smooth, even surface with no ridge or ditch.

  • Deere Orthman DR1230 planter

    From the Deere-Orthman DR planter series, this a fully mounted (no lift assist wheels) 12-row 30" planter from NATCLAY Farms near Walcott, AR. The DR series is available in 12-row to 24-row, 20" to 40" row widths. See your local John Deere dealer for more information on industry-leading Orthman stack-fold frames with John Deere MaxEmerge 5 row units.

  • Strip till on the Orthman Research Farm 2014

    Precision strip tillage near Lexington, Nebraska. Using an Orthman 1tRIPr to prepare an ideal seedbed, precision-place nutrients, and create ideal root-zone conditions.

  • Orthman 5SP StalkPuller

    Video of the Orthman 5SP Stalk Puller operating in cotton residue

  • Orthman 5BC Raised Bed Conditioner

    The 5BC Orthman Raised Bed Conditioner is the ideal tool for residue management in crops raised on beds and ridges. In just one pass it removes the previous crop's root systems and prepares the top of the seedbed for planting by removing the crust and leveling the surface. Featuring a combination of spiral chopping blades and double conditioning baskets, the Raised Bed Conditioner breaks soil clods and then levels, firms and aerates the seedbed for planting. For more info, view

  • 1tRIPr strip till video

    Features of the 1tRIPr strip tillage unit and benefits of using Orthman precision tillage on farms around the world - ideal seedbed preparation, precision nutrient placement, and optimal root-zone conditioning.

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