Unverferth 430 AUTO-RESET

Unverferth 430 AUTO-RESET for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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Unverferth 430 AUTO-RESET for sale at Colerain, North Carolina



  • Heavy-duty, double frame, welded construction and 6" x 6" rear bar
  • Steep-sloped, heat-treated deep-till shanks that loosen compaction to a depth of 18 inches and allow plant roots access to soil moisture and nutrients beneath the hardpan
  • Model 410 features economical, shear-bolt shank protection with 7,500 lbs. of shear pressure
  • Model 430 features auto-reset shanks with pivoting shank mounts that trip upward and rearward for avoiding in-field obstacles and quickly reset without the need for shear-bolt replacement; trip pressure of 6,000 lbs. for consistent working depth
  • Bedding disk gangs are fitted with 18" outer- and 20" inner-concave disk blades that till, raise and shape the seedbed for optimum seed germination and vigorous, early plant growth
  • Gang positioning can be staggered for shaping rounded beds that capture and retain more moisture, or opposed for a taller, peaked bed
  • Disk blades are 4-position angle adjustable from 7-degrees to 24 degrees
  • Bedder arms can be mounted offset or in-line (back to back) for a cleaner furrow
  • Bedder arms feature a parallel link design and are tool-free adjustable to one of three settings:
    • Floating – works best in rolling contours and previously tilled soils
    • Semi-rigid – works well when extra downpressure is needed but arms may still float freely downward to follow uneven soils
    • Rigid – ideal for untilled conditions and standing beds from previous crop where soil penetration is important in level conditions
  • Durable powder-coat finish of tractor red or green


With coulter Without coulter
4-row  36" 4,000 3,600 15'6" -
38 " 4,000 3,600 15'6" -
6-row  36" 5,950 5,350 21' -
38" 5,950 5,350 21' -
8-row folding   36" 8,970 8,160 16'6" 11'6"
38" 8,970 8,160 16'6" 11'6"
40" 8,970 8,160 16'6" 11'6"
12-row folding  36" 13,875 12,526 20'10" 11'9"
38" 13,875 12,526 21'3" 12'7"
Due to continuing improvements in the design
and manufacture of Unverferth products,
all specifications contained herein are
subject to change without notice.

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