Unverferth GB 235

Unverferth GB 235 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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Unverferth GB 235 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina



  • A low center of gravity and balanced weight distribution provide stable towing
  • Rugged MIG continuous-bead welding and a one-piece door-side panel enhance sidewall strength and durability
  • An optional deflector chute is available to permit center-unloading
  • Unloading is fast and complete with steep-sloped sides and graphite-coated interior
  • A front ladder is standard for easy viewing of box contents; a rear-mounted, five-rung ladder is optional
  • A full primer undercoat and durable high-quality equipment enamel topcoat of red or green help prevent corrosion
  • The rack-and-pinion mechanism permits easy unloading-door opening, even with a full load of high moisture grain
  • All exposed seams are silicone-sealed to resist corrosion
  • Capacities range from 400 to 190 bushels to match individual needs
  • Rounded box corners protect optional tarp against punctures and tears
  • Standard red and amber taillights on gravity wagon assemblies for added safety
    • Optional red and amber taillights on gravity boxes ordered separately
  • Optional fitted tarps are available for all models
  • Optional Deluxe rollover tarp for models 325 provide quick and easy covering of the wagon's contents


Model No. GB 235
Approx. Bushel Capacity 310 | 290 | 265 | 190
Extension Size 24", 4- side | 20", 4- side | 15", 4- side | --
Inside Length 10'
Inside Width 7'
Transport Height - Mounted 9'2" | 8'10" | 8' 5" | 7'2" 
Transport Width 7'4"
Number of Doors 1
Door 20" x 25"
Approx. Weight 1500 | 1356 | 1308 | 1110
Running Gear RGE-1202 | RGS-10 or RGE-10 | RGS-10 or RGE-10 | RGS-8 or RGE-8
*Divider is shipped loose
Due to continuing improvements
in the design and manufacture of
Unverferth products, all specifications
contained herein are subject to
change without notice.

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