Unverferth 1250

Unverferth 1250 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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Unverferth 1250 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina




  • 102” wide hopper with 12" sideboards (except for 12' model) is constructed of premium 304 stainless steel for the most corrosive-resistant, longest-lasting finish.
  • Hoppers utilize 50° slopes, which are the steepest for a dry fertilizer spreader, for quick and complete cleanout and feature struck capacities ranging from 710 to 270 cubic-feet.
    • Optional 175 cubic-foot (120 cubic foot on 12' models) Duo-Force insert allows the operator to spread 2 separate products, at the same time, with independent variable rate control.
    • On 22' to 13' models, add the Tri-Force attachment for a 75 cubic-foot micro- nutrient hopper for spreading 3 separate products.
    • Add the Quad Force insert divider into the Tri-Force hopper for spreading 4 separate products.
    • The Duo-Force, Tri-Force and Quad Force options can be added or removed from the Pro-Force hopper at any time because of the removable rear panel.
  • Conveniently located control valves near the front of the hopper provide a clean working environment.
  • Bin level sensor alerts the operator when the hopper is getting low and the window in the front end gate allows the operator to easily check the hopper contents.
  • Inverted Vee in the hopper protects the belt-over-chain and helps break up material when loading with an end loader.
  • Tensioning system features an inspection area to easily monitor the chain for optimum life. 



  • Spread common fertilizers up to 90’, lime and gypsum up to 60’, soybeans and cover crops up to 70’ and compost up to 45’.
  • 34” wide belt-over-chain provides a leak-free seal for accurately dispensing material onto the spinners.
    • Vee-cleat belt is fastened to the chain for worry-free operation.
    • Pintle chain is the backbone of the belt and provides more than 60,000 lbs. of high-tensile strength.
    • Drive system features the largest spur gear in the industry, heavy-duty gearcase and pinion and utilizes 4140 forged sprockets for extended life.
  • The optional Duo-Force insert features a 34" wide chain, providing consistent spread patterns with the main hopper's 34" wide belt-over-chain conveyor.
  • The fixed material divider at the end of the belt-over-chain conveyor ensure even distribution to each spinner.
  • Removable hillside baffles at the end of the belt-over-chain conveyor holds material in place when traveling over uneven terrain.
  • Dual 30” spinner assemblies feature a dished design and the most aggressive fins in the industry that produce a wider spread pattern with precision application rates.
    • Spinner drive features a jackshaft assembly that reduces maintenance requirements. 
  • Spinner assemblies feature multiple pre-defined settings for quick and easy fore-and-aft adjustment. This operator-friendly design ensures that the correct setting is selected every time it is operated whether you're spreading fertilizer or spreading compost. 



  • Available with 710, 580 or 450 cubic-foot hopper which are among the largest in the fertilizer spreader industry.
  • Raven ISOBUS rate controller allows the operator to use the tractor’s virtual terminal screen.
    • An on/off master foot switch is used in conjunction with the ISOBUS rate control system.
  • Features a single axle and category 4 Bull-Pull hitch that accommodates 2” and 1.5” hitch pins.
  • Hydraulic brakes and transport lighting ensure safer road transport.
  • The side-mounted ladder allows the operator to easily check the hopper contents.
  • Choose from 480/80 R46 radial row crop tires or IF900/65 R32 CFO radial floater tires
  • Tractor requires 38 gallons per minute hydraulic flow, 2 SCV remotes, case drain and hydraulic brake connection.



  • 645, 580, 515, 450 and 415 cubic-foot hoppers are available for floater chassis.
  • 270 cubic-foot hopper is available for row-crop sprayers.
  • Rubber-cushioned mounting provides a smooth ride through the field.
  • Chassis mount options include:
    • Mud flaps for chassis mounted hoppers protect the front and rear of the unit. 
    • Oil cooler system for mounting to a chassis that is not equipped. 
    • For chassis that do not have an on/off PTO, a hydraulic unloader valve is available. 
    • A hydraulic gear pump is available for mounting to a chassis with an air system. 
    • Ball valves are available for chassis that do not have hydraulic on/off. 



  • 304 stainless steel fenders protect the hopper from debris and feature an overall width of 132”.
  • For accurate weight recording and in-field calibration, the scale system features an innovative design for accurate measurements.
    • 6-point scales on 22' to 18' hoppers and 4-point scale system on the 14' hopper.
    • Choose from an ISOBUS or 410 indicator to operate the scale system.
  • On 20' and larger hoppers, a 2nd heavy duty gearbox assembly places one on each side of the belt-over-chain conveyor for even distribution.
  • #2 conveyor chain in-lieu of the belt-over-chain for spreading compost and poultry litter.
  • Roll-tarp with stainless steel end caps is available to protect the hopper’s contents.
    • Electric operation of the roll-tarp is also available and provides added operator convenience.
  • On 12' models, optional 12" sideboards for the main hopper increase the struck capacity to 385 cubic feet.
    • Duo-Force inserts for 12' models can also be equipped with 12" sideboards, increasing the struck capacity to 175 cubic feet.



Model 1250
Hopper Length 12'
Hopper Width 8' 6"
Hopper Height 5' 10"
6' 10" (with 12" sides)
Hopper Side Slopes 50°
Struck Capacity - Cubic Feet 270
385 (with 12" sides)
Duo-Force Struck Capacity - Cubic Feet 120
175 (with 12" sides)
Tri-Force Struck Capacity - Cubic Feet -
Quad Force Struck Capacity - Cubic Feet -
Capacity - Tons of Fertilizer 8.5
12 (with 12" sides)
Duo-Force Capacity - Tons of Fertilizer 4
6 (with 12" sides)
Tri-Force Capacity - Tons of Fertilizer -
Quad Force Capacity - Tons of Fertilizer -
Pull-Type Overall Length -
Pull-Type Overall Height -
Pull-Type Transport Width -
Pull-Type Spinner Ground Clearance  

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