J&M Manufacturing V4 LT (36"×106")

J&M Manufacturing V4 LT (36"×106") for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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J&M Manufacturing V4 LT (36"×106") for sale at Colerain, North Carolina



  • Swivel Hitch Alignment
    The convenient alignment mechanism uses two bolts for adjustment and is accessible from each side of the cart. Two steel keepers prevents loosening during operation.
  • 2Upper Tensioning Roller
    The upper tensioning roller keeps tension on the belt, limiting unsightly belt flop.
  • 3Super High-Strength Axle
    The axle is constructed with 12”×12”×½" thick tubing for maximum shear and bending strength, capable of withstanding the heaviest loads under the most extreme conditions.
  • 4Tensioner
    V4 tracks feature a maintenance-free "Set it and forget it" spring tensioner, which eliminates the need for adjustment once set.


Less Compaction

  • Efficient, high strength design offers largest ground footprint per track weight in the industry
  • Smaller diameter end wheels allow for more evenly spaced wheels, resulting in a more uniform ground footprint


Low Maintenance

Virtually Maintenance Free During Day-to-Day Operations

  • Oil bath hubs
    • Synthetic oil provides superior bearing protection and excellent lubricant flow, even in the coldest weather
    • Each oil bath hub has a cassette style seal, a separate seal guard, and an external v-ring seal for a total of 6 contacting sealing lips and 2 non-contacting sealing lips for better sealing under the harshest conditions
  • Composite "greaseless" sleeve bearings
  • "Set it and forget it" spring tensioner
  • End wheel cutouts provide an exit point for mud/debris during cleaning and an access point for inspection/maintenance
  • Sleek design leaves few places for mud and debris to settle, keeping buildup to a minimum


Other Advantages

  • Axle mount height is among the lowest in the industry, reducing the overall height of the implement
  • Upper rollers limit unsightly belt flop
  • Bogie wheel pivots are closer to the ground than on competitors' models, allowing the bogies to more easily and smoothly walk over obstacles
  • Lower profile end wheels result in less bearing stress during turns, leading to longer bearing life


MODEL V4 LT Track System
Belt Width 36"
Overall Length 106"
 Size 74.2"×36"/track
 Area 5,342 in²
Overall Weight 3,530 lbs/track
(Single Track)  
Average Ground Pressure 15.4 psi*

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