J&M Manufacturing 36" Stabilizer Trax

J&M Manufacturing 36" Stabilizer Trax for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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J&M Manufacturing 36" Stabilizer Trax for sale at Colerain, North Carolina



  • Tensioner
    A single, large‑diameter compression spring provides active tension for the track belt. The spring tensioner requires no daily adjustment, eliminating the hassle of hydraulic or other tension systems.
  • Oil Bath Hubs
    Oil bath hubs utilize synthetic oil for superior bearing protection and excellent lubricant flow, even in the coldest weather. There is no need for constant greasing of hubs. Multi-lip cassette seals with separate seal guards provide better sealing under the harshest conditions. Large sight windows make checking the oil level a breeze, even from a distance.
  • Self-Lubricated Sleeve Bearings
    All pivots and bogie rollers utilize self-lubricated sleeve bearings, requiring no daily greasing.
  • Rubber Springs
  • Rubber springs and pivoting bogies significantly reduce tank shock loads and vibration while providing more uniform ground contact over uneven terrain. Each bogie pair can pivot 14° front‑to‑back and 7° side‑to‑side, reducing stress on the belt, wheels and hubs.
  • Swivel Hitch Alignment
    The convenient alignment mechanism uses two bolts for adjustment and is accessible from each side of the cart. Two steel keepers prevent loosening during operation.
  • Undercarriage Beam
    Constructed from high‑strength plate steel, the undercarriage beam provides superior strength at a reduced weight. The sleek design stays cleaner with minimized locations for mud buildup.
  • Upper Roller
    Upper roller keeps tension on the belt and reduces belt flop.


End Wheels

New flanges on end wheels significantly reduce guide lug wear, extending belt life.

Tube Axles

Constructed with 12”×12”×½" (36" track) or 12"×12"×⅝" (46" track) thick tubing for maximum bi-directional bending strength, the axle easily supports the heaviest loads under the most extreme conditions.

Raised End Wheels

  • End wheels remain up when cart is empty for reduced belt wear during transport and easier running.
  • End wheels move down when cart is under load for maximum flotation.
  • Raised end wheels easily climb over obstacles and make turning easier than traditional tracks


Independently Suspended, Oscillating Bogie Wheels

  • Independently suspended bogie wheels oscillate 14° front to back and 7° side-to-side to supply more uniform ground contact.
  • Belt tension spikes are minimized, increasing bearing life.


Low Maintenance

Virtually Maintenance Free During Day-to-Day Operations

  • Oil bath hubs
    • Synthetic oil provides superior bearing protection and excellent lubricant flow, even in the coldest weather
    • Each oil bath hub has 6 contacting sealing lips and 2 non-contacting sealing lips for better sealing under the harshest conditions
  • Self-lubricated sleeve bearings
  • "Set it and forget it" spring tensioner
  • End wheel cutouts provide an exit point for mud/debris during cleaning and an access point for inspection and/or maintenance
  • Upper rollers limit unsightly belt flop


MODEL 36" Stabilizer Trax
Belt Width 36"
Overall Length 150"
 Size 36"×117.8"/track
 Area 8,482 in2
Overall Weight 5,450 lbs
(Single Track)  
Average Ground Pressure 12.2 psi

*Average ground pressure measured using 1,500 bushel grain cart.

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