Vertical Beater Teeth Maintenance

Vertical Beater Teeth: Inspection and Replacement for Box and ProPush Spreaders

Vertical beaters are a popular option on select Kuhn Knight-brand manure spreaders. Vertical beaters provide an even, controlled spread pattern for ideal placement of manure, which allows you to take advantage of its nutrient value. Vertical beaters are balanced for optimum performance and all teeth must remain in place and in the proper position to maintain balanced beaters.

Follow these tips to make sure your vertical beater teeth perform well.

  • Place all teeth in the same position: either forward (A) or laid back (B) to affect the spread pattern. DO NOT mix the two positions and do not remove any of the teeth.
  • Worn, damaged, or missing teeth need to be replaced immediately as each can cause the beaters to become unbalanced. Unbalanced beaters will cause excess wear on the spreader.
  • When replacing teeth, it is important to always torque the outside bolt first and the inside bolt last. Torque both bolts to 135 foot pounds.
  • Rocks, frozen manure, and other hard material may cause beater teeth to loosen or shear. For machines operated in these conditions, it is a good practice to check the teeth periodically to prevent damage to vertical beaters and your machine.
  • Consider adding hardened steel beater tips to your vertical beaters. They offer even greater durability and can withstand more abrasive materials. Contact your dealer to order these hardened beater tips.

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