Manure Spreader Guide

Choosing The Right Spreader For Your Application
The right spreader simplifies the task of handling your operation's manure and allows you to take full advantage of its value as a fertilizer. Kuhn North America produces a wide range of spreaders to handle anything from slurry to pen pack, as well as poultry litter, compost and a wide range of industrial and municipal waste materials. Below we highlight the four types of Kuhn Knight spreaders available from Kuhn North America: side-discharge spreaders and box spreaders with horizontal beaters, vertical beaters and spinner discharge options. After reading the descriptions below, use the handy chart to help you choose the right spreader for your operation.

kuhnsidedischargeSide Discharge Spreaders
Side discharge spreaders provide excellent material breakup and have the widest spread pattern of the four spreader types. In addition, this type of spreader provides the finest and thinnest application of wet manure, due to our undershot hammer design, making these machines ideal for topdressing on tender forage crops and spreading manure at low tons-per-acre application rates. These spreaders also have the ability to accurately spread wet and sloppy materials. This makes them a great fit where manure is too solid for a tanker, but too flowing for a box spreader, like sand-laden pit manure. Our standard bedder spreader also allows you to control the distance and density of manure as it leaves the hammers.

With capacities of 116 to 668 cubic foot, Kuhn Knight has a side discharge spreader to meet your needs. On the bottom end of this size range, we have machines that offer all of the unique spreading features of the ProTwin Slinger in a small overall footprint. Low loading heights make these machines capable of working under most standard barn cleaners and allow easy loading with skid loaders. Their narrow tread widths also provide maneuverability to get in tight gate openings, and make them well-suited for laying compost in nursery and vineyard applications. In our commercial line of side discharge spreaders, we offer high-float undercarriages with oversized tires to decrease ground compaction. In addition, optional hydraulically-operated lids decrease leakage and spills between the farm and the field.


kuhnverticalbeaterBox Spreaders with Vertical Beaters
These spreaders provide an excellent spread pattern and exceptional breakup of materials. These characteristics, combined with a fast unloading time, make this type of spreader an ideal choice for producers seeking to take maximum advantage of the nutrient value of their manure, from pen pack to dry yard manure.

Kuhn Knight box spreaders with vertical beaters are available in two configurations and seven different sizes. For operators looking for a simple, reliable machine with exceptional spreading ability, the Kuhn Knight ProPush spreaders, available in 440 and 540 heaped cubic foot capacities, are the machines of choice. These machines use piggy-backed hydraulic cylinders to push material out of the box and through the beaters, eliminating the need for apron floor chains. They also offer exceptional cleanout and have virtually no freeze-down issues. Vertical beaters are operated through a simple, straight driveline and the box is built with structural steel tubing, providing an exceptionally strong box for hauling heavy materials. For producers who need a heavy-duty, apron-style spreader, the PS ProSpread spreader models, available in capacities of 500 and 600 cubic feet, offer many features with a low loading height. For those who need even more capacity, the PSC ProSpread Commercial machines, available in truck and trailer models with capacities of 610, 710 and 810 cubic feet, will fit the bill. These commercial models offer a split-apron drive, where each apron is driven separately for even pulling and increased dependability; hydraulically controlled aprons for precise unloading rates; and high-float undercarriages to reduce soil compaction.


kuhnhorizontalbeaterBox Spreaders with Horizontal Beaters
A box spreader with horizontal beaters is a great choice for a basic manure spreader. It has a relatively low power requirement and is simple to operate. In addition, the spread pattern of this type of machine is relatively narrow and covers just the width of the spreader to the outside of the tire tracks. This type of spreader is well-suited for producers who have long fields and want to spread a load of manure the entire length of the field. Numerous trips over the same four to six crop rows can be eliminated by spreading a heavier application in one pass, thereby reducing soil compaction.

Although this type of manure spreader has been around in its basic form for well over 100 years, modern technology has made this machine a viable tool for today’s producers. Kuhn Knight offers a wide range of box spreaders with horizontal beaters to meet producers’ needs, ranging from compact, 120-cubic-foot machines to large, 810-cubic-foot machines for commercial operations. Features such as a hydraulic apron drive, found in our ProSpread machines, allow producers to accurately control apron speeds for precise application of their manure. Other features, such as double apron chains, split apron drives, high-density poly flooring, and truck-mount capabilities make Kuhn Knight box spreaders a good choice for any producer, no matter the operation's size. Kuhn Knight also offers the ProPush series, a hydraulic push-off type spreader box, which eliminates apron floor chains and gives a consistent unloading rate from beginning to end.


kuhnspinnerbeaterBox Spreaders with Spinner Beaters
The latest addition to the PSC ProSpread Commercial series is the optional AccuSpread® spinner discharge.
This spinner discharge can handle many dry, flowable, high-value materials such as compost, poultry litter, and industrial materials. A heavy-duty metering endgate, effectively controls the movement of materials to the spinners. Along with the hydraulically adjustable apron, this option allows you to accurately control spread rates down to 1 ton per acre. The horizontal beater and spinner combination breaks up any clumps or clods of material and will spread up to 60-feet wide in a very precise, even spread pattern. This machine gives producers the ability to effectively apply even the most nutrient-dense materials, such as poultry litter.

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