Equipment Maintenance

kuhnMaintenanceRegular Maintenance Increases Equipment Service Life
Regular maintenance helps ensure your machine will provide years of trouble-free service. The following is a list of general maintenance you should perform on your machine.


  1. Check the machine’s tire pressures. This check is one of the most important. Overinflated or under-inflated tires can affect machine performance in the field, and can cause damage to the machine or the field. NOTE: This is a good time to recheck the wheel mounting hardware as well, if applicable.
  2. Check lubricant levels on the machine. Lubricant levels can give insight into whether a machine has a leak or if there is contamination from an outside source. Change lubricants and grease the machine according to the schedule in the operator’s manual.
  3. Check for wear and tear on the machine. Make sure the tractor is turned off, key removed, PTO disconnected, and the machine lowered to the ground (if applicable) before examining it. Failing bearings, bushings, or pins cannot always be seen easily, but by gently rotating shafts by hand, or moving parts back and forth, you can get a good idea of the source of any problems.
  4. Replace worn or bent parts. Worn or bent parts can cause more damage to your machine over time, as well as affect performance. Bent tines or knives will not allow your machine to operate at its full potential. Remember, if you find bent disc mower knives, DO NOT bend knives straight, as this will cause stress points and may cause the knife to break. Replace a bent knife with a new one.
  5. Operate the machine at a slow speed initially. This allows oils to flow to areas that may not have had oil while sitting during the off-season. Running the machine makes it possible to check for proper operation of all the functions by listening and looking for anything out of the ordinary.

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