RC 200 Series

KUHN Knight RC 200 Series Reel Commercial mixers provide superior durability and performance with innovative options that separate them from the competition. For dairy and beef producers mixing rations with high percentages of roughages or distillers grains, this design gives them the ability to efficiently handle a wide range of materials. 

The Helix® reel, with its open-center design, offers fast, consistent mixing and superior load leveling with any ration. The enhanced reel design optimizes the mixing of wet by-product rations, but through extensive testing has been proven to provide quality performance in all rations. The heavy-duty drive option offers extended life, in even the most extreme use cycles, and provides the ability to mix the heaviest feedstuffs. These features, combined with the versatility and low horsepower requirement that are the hallmark of the reel and auger design, put these RC models at the head of their class! From the popular, multi-purpose trailer models, to the fast, convenient transport offered by truck mounted machines, to stationary models that are ideal for central mixing, there is a mixer to meet the needs of any operation. These machines also offer a low standard loading height for easy loading with skid steers.

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