SL 100 Series

KUHN Knight SL 100 Series ProTwin® Slinger® manure spreaders offer next level performance and reliability to give you maximum return for your equipment dollars. The unique ProTwin twin-auger design and exclusive v-body construction allow the Slinger spreader to handle the widest variety of wet and dry materials, compared to any spreader on the market. Complete adjustability of the discharge shroud greatly improves material breakup for more consistent, even spreading. A new hammer design provides more wear surface on the bottom edge to extend hammer life. If you need one machine to handle all of your diverse spreading needs, look to the SL 100 Series.

The SL 110 is also offered in an orchard/vineyard model to meet specific growers’ needs. This model features a hydraulic deflector with rubber extension, which provides accurate material placement while adding some forgiveness necessary in narrow row spacing. This model also features a narrow 10.5L tire and CV PTO making it very maneuverable in tight locations.

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