Kuhn SR 612 GII

Kuhn SR 612 GII for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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Kuhn SR 612 GII for sale at Colerain, North Carolina



Versatile, High-Capacity Design

Unique Unfolding System / Compact, Highly Maneuverable Design
The unique, innovative unfolding system moves the rear wheels forward as the rake opens, reducing the overall length of the rake by up to 7’. The shorter wheelbase improves maneuverability, allowing shorter turns on headlands, for improved efficiency and productivity. This also provides easier turning and smoother operation while raking around corners. The sliding framework also helps provide a more narrow transport position.

High-Clearance Frame
The high-clearance, raised frame design provides increased capacity, allowing for more even crop flow and better windrow formation. This design allows excellent ground clearance, with up to 21” of wheel lift to pass over previously made windrows. In transport, clearance allows for getting in and out of fields more easily without damage.

High-Capacity Rake Wheels with Windguards
55” rake wheels allow for higher raking speeds with no need to match PTO speed to ground speed. Rake wheels mounted in front of the wheel frame allow for uniform crop flow and neatly formed windrows, even raking high volumes of crop. Standard windguards improve crop flow along the wheels for a more uniform windrow. They also reduce wrapping in difficult conditions, such as tall, stemmy crops and corn stalks.

Smooth Operation on the Roughest Terrains

Independent Rake Wheel Suspension
Rake wheels, on individually floating rake wheel arms, operate at lower ground pressure than those mounted in pairs, resulting in less soil disturbance, less risk of contaminants in the windrow and ultimately provides a cleaner, higher-quality forage. Rake wheels are able to follow the ground more closely with a wide range of motion and provide consistent, uniform ground pressure for clean raking. Adjustable spring tension allows the rake wheels to adapt to different crop and field conditions.

Tandem Axles
Standard offset walking beam tandem axles improve flotation and increased stability. Tandems work well going through pivot tracks and going over borders used in flood irrigation.

Supporting Caster Wheels
Large-diameter 7.6L-15 front caster and rear wheels help maintain a uniform frame height over the length of the beam. A uniform frame height provides excellent terrain following of the raking wheels. The front caster wheels are located on the beam in such a way to minimize transport width and twisting of the frame due to the rake wheel force.

Easy Adjustments

Easy Windrow Adjustment
The windrow width can be quickly and conveniently adjusted by changing the working angle of the last two raking wheels on each side, independently from the raking width adjustment. This easy adjustment provides variable windrow widths, from 3’ to 6’, with minimal angle change, as compared to competitive models that only adjust one wheel on each side. This helps ensure gentle crop flow over the range of windrow widths.

Automatic Transport Lock
The SR 600 GII will automatically lock for transport when folding the rake from the work to transport position, without the need to get off the tractor to install manual locks.


Minimum working width 20' (6.1 m)
Maximum working width 25' (7.6 m)
Number of rake wheels 12
Rake wheel bearings Tapered roller bearings with grease zerk
Center kicker wheel Optional V-type splitter wheels- not recommended for long-stemmed hay
Rake wheel diameter 55" (1.4 m)
Tine diameter 9/32" (7.1 mm)
Rake wheel ground pressure Right and left side independent adjustable spring suspension
Safety chain Optional
Transport wheels and tires 7.6L - 15
Tandem axle Standard
Minimum windrow width 3' (0.9 m)
Maximum windrow width 6' (1.8 m)
Transport width 10' (3.1 m)
Transport length 31'1" (9.5 m)
Transport height 6'8" (2.07 m)
Rake wheel clearance on headlands 21" (50 cm)
Single-side raking Standard
Intermediate caster wheel set Optional
Windguards Standard
Minimum power requirement 30 hp (22 kW)
Required tractor hydraulic connections 2 DA
Hitch Standard clevis (optional 2-5/16" ball hitch)
Machine weight approx. 4,232 lbs (1,920 kg)
Road lights and signaling Standard

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