Kuhn GA 6002

Kuhn GA 6002 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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Kuhn GA 6002 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina



Proven & Reliable Components for Superior Raking

Fully Enclosed Gear Case
The fully enclosed single-stage gearbox is grease filled and sealed to be maintenance free ensuring a long life. For additional durability, the tine arm holders are fixed on both the upper and lower gearcase covers. The gearbox houses a cam track with a profile optimized for fast lifting action that creates a well-formed windrow while maintaining high clearance over the windrow.

Double-Curved Tine Arms
Double-curved tine arms are designed to form fluffy and straight windrows for superior raking quality at high speeds. Fluffy windrows allow more air movement through the crop promoting fast and uniform drying!

KUHN rotary rakes achieve this by following two basic principles for ideal windrow formation. First, the tine arms maintain a positive forward position right up to the point where the forage is delivered to the windrow ensuring gentle crop handling and minimal ash incorporation. Second, a steep cam track allows the tines to be raised very quickly to provide additional clearance over the windrow.

Easy Adjustments to Optimize Raking

One to Two Windrows
In addition to the side delivery of one windrow, these rakes can be set to form two separate windrows. This is particularly useful in carrying out tasks to speed up the drying process such as turning windrows and forming narrow windrows in heavy crop conditions

Hydraulic Windrow Width Adjustment
A hydraulic cylinder allows the operator to easily adjust windrow width from the cab. This system also folds the curtain assembly for transport position, eliminating cumbersome manual work.

A simple tie-rod system automatically extends the windrow curtain to a predetermined setting when the rake is changed from the transport to field position. The predetermined setting is easily adjusted with a simple crank. A front rotor windrow curtain is standard.

Easy & Secure Transport
During transport, an automatic locking system secures the rear rotor inline transport position. When the rake is lowered in the field the lock automatically disengages. There is no need to remove the tine arms for transport.

Excellent Ground Adaptation and Clearance

Hydraulically Lifted Undercarriage
Hydraulic cylinders, mounted within each undercarriage at the front hitch, provide exceptionally high ground clearance. Simple crank stops are used to adjust tine operating height and adaptation for different tractor drawbar heights.

Turning Angle of Over 90°
With a turning angle of over 90 degrees, this rake cleanly collects crop on turns and even on headlands without the need to compensate for the position of the rear rotor – a major benefit for comfort and ease of use.

Tandem Bogie Axle
Rotors come standard with a tandem axle mounted close to the rake tines. This allows the rake tines to follow ground contours and effectively distribute the machine weight, providing a stable stance.

Stabilizing Undercarriage
Stabilizing undercarriages are available as optional equipment for use on steep hillside applications. They spread the machine’s ground contact over a larger surface area.


Model GA 6002
Clean swept width 7' - 14'9" (2.1 - 4.5 m)
Length 24' (7.3 m)
Transport width with tine arms disconnected 9'8" (2.9 m)
Transport width with tine arms connected 9'8" (2.9 m)
Lift height under tines 17" (43 cm)
Windrow delivery To left
Single or double windrow Standard
Working width when raking (single windrow raking) 11'6" - 19' (3.5 - 5.8 m)
Working width when raking (double windrow raking) 17'9" (5.4 m)
Adjustable swath curtain Standard on front and rear
Number of rotors 2
Rotor diameter 2 x 8'8'' (2.6 m)
Number of tine arms per rotor 10
Number of tines per tine arm 3
Number of tine arms Fixed
Fully enclosed gearbox Standard
Ground adaptation N/A
Number of wheels per front rotor 4
Number of wheels per rear rotor 4
Tires Hyper-balloon 18 x 8.50-8"
PTO speed 540
PTO shaft CV joint tractor side with torque limiter
Overrunning clutch on PTO Optional
Setting into transport position Hydraulically controlled
Hitch Drawbar
Minimum PTO power requirement 40 hp (30 kW)
Required tractor hydraulic connections 1 SA + 1 DA
Required tractor electrical connections 1 - 7-pin signal, 1 - 3-pin power
Road lights and signaling Standard
Machine net weight approx. 2,778 lbs (1,260 kg)
Safety chain Standard

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