Kuhn HR 8040 R

Kuhn HR 8040 R for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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Kuhn HR 8040 R for sale at Colerain, North Carolina




Commercial-Grade Durability

The HR 1040 R Series power harrows are built tough for intensive use with high-horsepower tractors. The central gearbox is offset to the rear to reduce shaft angles and eliminate interference from large-diameter rear tractor wheels. It is also filled with synthetic oil and equipped with an oil cooler to withstand high temperatures in commercial applications.

Heavy-Duty Rotors

The rotors on the HR 1040 R Series are driven by large-diameter gears with no-maintenance bearings. The power transmission to the blades is ensured by numerous teeth being fully engaged at all times for increased durability and long life.


KTS20 Monitoring Unit

The HR 1040 R Series harrows are equipped with a KTS20 monitoring unit as standard. Six sensors continuously monitor gearbox temperature and rotation speed. The in-cab terminal notifies the operator if there is an excessively high gearbox temperature or if the cut-out clutches have been tripped.

Hydraulic Leveling and Depth Adjustments

Hydraulic adjustment for the working depth and leveling bar reduces the need to leave the tractor cab, while still adapting to changing field conditions and soil types.

Transport Position

These power harrows fold easily to a narrow 9’ 10”. This provides rapid transition from transport to field and back. The HR 1040 R Series power harrows are practical, fast and easy to maneuver on roads and into fields with narrow gates.


DuraKUHN Blades and Blade Holders

The DuraKUHN blades are adapted for intensive use in the most difficult of conditions. These blades are heat treated for extreme longevity out in the field. The blades are 18 mm thick and use Fast-Fit® technology for easy replacement. The high clearance increases the soil flow and decreases power-robbing soil buildup.

Integrated Leveling Bar

The integrated leveling bar features a hydraulic adjustment separate from the working depth. This allows each half of the power harrow the ability to run in a floating position to best match the contours of irregular fields. Long side deflectors ensure excellent finishing between passes for an ideal seedbed.

Four Available Roller Options

With four different roller options to choose from, the HR 1040 R Series power harrows are suited to fit any commercial-sized operation’s needs.

  1. For light and silty soils, the MaxiPacker has a large diameter of 21” and is less resistant to rolling and requires less tractor power.
  2. For light and silty soils, the MegaPacker has a large diameter of 23” and creates a fine tilth in all soil conditions.
  3. For dry, non-sticky soils, without an integrated seed drill, choose the MaxiCrumbler. The MaxiCrumbler has a diameter of 20” and is more durable in rocky conditions than other rollers.
  4. The Steelliner roller provides improved clod-crushing on dry, hard ground and creates a good soil structure, even in difficult and wet seeding conditions.


 Model HR 8040 R
Transport width 9'10" (2.9 m)
Transport height 13'11" (4.2 m)
Maximum PTO power 500 hp (373 kW)
Minimum PTO power 240 hp (179 kW)
Required tractor hydraulic connections 3 DA
PTO shaft Heavy duty 1 3/4" - 20-spline 
Oil cooler Standard
Type of Blades Hardened DuraKUHN with Fast-Fit III quick release
Number of rotors 28
Tine working length 11" (28 cm)
Leveling bar Hydraulically adjustable
Hitch Cat. 3 / 4N / 4 & quick hitch Cat. 4 only
Working position Rigid or floating (+/-2.5º)
Approximate machine weight with MaxiPacker roller 11,773 lbs (5,340 kg)
Frame type Foldable
Working width 26'5" (8.1 m)

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