Kuhn 4835-730F

Kuhn 4835-730F for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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Kuhn 4835-730F for sale at Colerain, North Carolina



3-Point or Pull-Type Configurations

3-Point Hitch
Designed for deep tillage with strength and durability in mind. Category 3, 3N, 4 & 4N 3-point hitch configurations are available dependent on machine configuration. 3-point hitches are integrated into a two-bar frame design with main members of heavy-duty, 6”x6” structural steel tubing.

Rear Lift Drawbar Pull-Hitch
Rear lift pull-hitch option available for all 4835-530F through 4835-1130F models for transport stability. The drawbar pull-hitch includes 280/70 R15 tires on the rear lift and 280/70 R15 front mounted gauge wheel tires.

Shank Mounts to Match Your Field Conditions

Rigid, shear-bolt mounts are an economical choice for soils where rocks or other obstacles are not a concern. Shear-bolt protection guards against shank damage from unexpected obstacles.

  • Shear force: 10,000 pounds (approximate)
  • 16” maximum shank working depth
  • For non-rock conditions


Spring Reset
Recommended for field conditions where obstacles or rocks may be encountered. A 4”x4” welded tube provides strength.

  • 2,500 pound point load
  • 20” trip height
  • 16” maximum shank working depth
  • 36” underframe clearance


Exclusive pivoting design allows the shank to deflect up to 6 degrees on each side for a total of 12 degrees of movement.

  • Basic spring reset design
  • Makes deep ripping possible on contours or terraces
  • Deflects impacts improving performance in rocky soils
  • Smoother steering under full power with tracked tractors
  • Reduces stress on implement frame and 3-point tractor hitch
  • Not compatible with pull-type hitch
  • 20” trip height
  • 16” maximum shank working depth
  • 36” underframe clearance


Shank & Point Options

A Variety of Options
The 4835 in-line ripper may be configured in many different ways to achieve your agronomic goals. Choose from a variety of shank, point and wing combinations to achieve your desired field finish. Surface field finish is primarily determined by the type of shank used with parabolic offering the most soil disturbance, followed by MRD and no-till. Compaction removal, residue incorporation and draft are determined by points and shank caps.

No-Till Shanks & Points

  • Choice of ¾" no-till shank (normal conditions) or 1” no-till shank (extreme conditions)
  • Austempered wear bar
  • Choose from 1-3/4" or Double K® chromium carbide points with either 8” wing or low disturbance shank cap


Conservation Tillage Shanks & Points

  • 1-1/4" MRD (minimum residue disturbance) shank
  • Austempered wear bar
  • Choice of Double K 7” wing ripper point or Double K 2-1/2” straight ripper point


Transport Width (ft/m) 12'6" / 3.8 m
Frame Type NEW Heavy-Duty Toolbar 6" x 6" Double Rank Toolbar
Number of Shanks 7
Shank Spacing (in/cm) 30" / 76.2 cm
Working Width (ft/m) 17'6" / 5.3 m
Spring Reset Shank Approximate Weight (lb /kg) 7,300 / 3 311
Shear Bolt Shank Approximate Weight (lb/kg) 5,900 / 2 676
Hitch Type Small Frame: CAT 3N, 3 and 4N Compatible with Parking Stands
Coulter Blades 22" x ¼" Smooth, 450 lb (250 kg) Down Pressure
Shank Mount Spring Reset: 2,500 lb Point Load, 20" Trip Height
Shanks No-Till Shank, ¾" Thick (Very Low Surface Disturbance), Austempered Wear Bar, Chromium Carbide Shank Side Protectors
Points 1-¾" Austempered Ductile Points (No-Till Shanks Only)
Shattering Wing 8" Austempered Shattering Wings
Depth Control Ratchet Jack Adjustable Gauge Wheels
Gauge Wheels (2) 20.5" x 8", Load Range E
Transport Locks and Safety Slow Moving Vehicle Sign, High Visibility LED Transport Light Kit
Hitch Type Drawbar Pull Hitch with Rear Lift Wheels, Includes (4) 280/70R15" Tires, Duals, (2) 280/70R15" Front Mounted Gauge Wheels, (1) 4" x 16" and (1) 4-½" x 16" Cylinder, Color-Coded Hydraulic Hose Grips, All Hydraulic Hoses, Tongue Jack, CAT IV Hitch, Safety Chain (Less Parking Stands)
Shank Mount Rigid: Shear-Bolt Protected, 10,000 lb (Shear Force)
Shank Mount Pivoting PathFind'r™ Spring Reset, 2,500 lb (Not Compatible with Pull Hitch)
Shanks MRD Shank, 1-¼" Thick (Minimum Residue Disturbance), Austempered Wear Bar
Shanks HD No-Till Shank, 1" Thick (Low Surface Disturbance), Austempered Wear Bar, Chromium Carbide Shank Side Protectors
Points Double K® 2" Chromium Carbide Points (No-Till Shank Only)
Points Double K® 7" Wing Ripper Points
Points Double K® 2-½" Straight Ripper Point
Shank Cap Low Disturbance Shank Cap (In Lieu of Wing)
Wing Gauge Wheels (2) 20.5" x 8", Load Range E (One per Wing)
Closing Wheels (2) 4 x 16" Smooth Closing Wheels per Shank, Adjustable Spring Tension (Limit Shank Soil Blowout)
Shank Stagger Kit 12" Offset Between Shanks
Recommended Operating Speed (mph/km/h) 4 - 7 / 6 - 11
Recommended Working Depth 8" - 16" / 20 - 41 cm
Recommended Tractor Power Range (PTO hp/kW) 35 - 45 PTO Horsepower per Shank / 26 - 34 kW

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