J&M Manufacturing 1051

J&M Manufacturing 1051 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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J&M Manufacturing 1051 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina



Computer Balanced Auger

Super-Edge Flighting Balanced to Within One Ounce
All J&M grain carts feature thick flighting with a patented Super-Edge that puts more material where it is needed, on the outer edge. In addition, we reinforce the flighting at critical wear points to increase life and durability.

All augers are balanced to within ONE Ounce. Precision manufacturing ensures a quiet running system that extends overall auger life and performance by reducing vibration to the drive system.

Balanced Tongue Weight

The weight distribution of J&M grain carts are superb compared to competitive carts. The undercarriage axle is positioned to produce a properly balanced tongue weight, reducing the stress and upgrade costs on your tractor draw bar.

V-Truss Axle

Added Strength Prevents Twisting or Bending

Competitor grain cart axles feature small tubular steel that is prone to bending or I-beam designs that are prone to twisting, which puts premature stress on the rest of the cart. J&M’s exclusive V-Truss axles are engineered using heavy-duty tubular steel with a reinforced V-Truss design to resist both bending and twisting, protecting the cart from premature wear and tear. Standard on all single wheel carts.

Miscellaneous Standard Features

  • Graphite-coated interior for efficient unload and excellent cleanout
  • Hydraulic hose and electric cable organizer
  • Bolt-on bottom tang hitch
  • Balanced tongue weight
  • Jack stand assembly


MODEL 1051
Vertical Auger 22"
Unload Time 600+ bu/min
Capacity 1,050 Bushels
Wheels (2) 30x32, 31x32, 32x36 or 44x32
Tires (2) 900/60R32,
1050/50R32 or
Hubs (2) 10 or 20 Bolt
Spindles (2) 6" Diameter
Tongue Weight  
 Empty 2,900 lbs
 Loaded 4,200 lbs
Total Weight (approx.) 14,172 lbs
Capacity 1,025 Bushels
Wheels (4) 16×42 or 18×42
Tires (4) 480/80R42, 520/85R42 or IF520/85R42
Hubs (4) 10 or 20 Bolt
Spindles (4) 4½" Diameter
Tongue Weight  
 Empty 2,900 lbs
 Loaded 4,200 lbs
Total Weight (approx.) 18,291 lbs
Capacity 1,075 Bushels
Total Weight (approx.) with
 V4 LT's

18,870 lbs
21,170 lbs
22,670 lbs
26,833 lbs
Compaction Rate with
V4 LT's

14.0 psi
10.0 psi
9.3 psi
7.4 psi

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