Hustler 60" Kawasaki FS651

Hustler 60" Kawasaki FS651 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina

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Hustler 60" Kawasaki FS651 for sale at Colerain, North Carolina



Service Friendly Design

Designed to make maintenance and service simple and easy.

Dual Hydro System

Heavy-duty traction and performance.

Deck Lift

Easy-to-operate deck lift makes deck height adjustment a breeze.

H-Bar® Steering

Patented steering is the easiest-to-use walk-behind system in the field, reducing operator fatigue.


Zero-Turn Configuration 60" Kawasaki FS651
Manufacturer Kawasaki
HP (Per SAE J 1995.) 21.5
Displacement 726cc
Cooling Air Cooled
Air Cleaner Oval canister, dual element
Engine Warranty 3 Year
Drive System  
Zero-Turn Configuration 60" Kawasaki FS651
Type Dual Hydrostatic
Pumps n/a
Wheel Motors n/a
Hydraulic Lines n/a
Hydraulic Cooling Pump Mounted Fans
Reservoir Capacity 2 qt. Per Side
Transmission HydroGear ZT2800
Speed Up to 6.3 mph
Parking Brakes Internal transmission mechanical brake
Zero-Turn Configuration 60" Kawasaki FS651
Cutting Width 60"
Cutting Heights 1.5"-4.5"
Deck Lift Hand Operated
Depth 5"
Blades 3
Blade Length 20.50"
Blade Tip Speed 18,920 fpm
Spindles Aluminum with 1" shaft and sealed ball bearings
Deck Belts 1
Drive Electric PTO Clutch
Construction 10ga + 11ga reinforced steel
Spindle Mounts n/a
Impact/Trim Areas 11ga formed channel rolled edge
Zero-Turn Configuration 60" Kawasaki FS651
Frame 1.5" x 2" x .120 steel tubing
Deck Carrier Frame n/a
Engine/Transmission Frame n/a
Engine Plate n/a
Front Axle n/a
Front Caster Wheels Mounted with tapered wheel bearings and debris cap
Front Caster Forks Fabricated 3/8" steel
Operator Platform n/a
Zero-Turn Configuration 60" Kawasaki FS651
Seat n/a
Fuel Capacity 3.4 gal.
Cup Holder No
Front Tire 11 x 4 - 4
Drive Tire 20 x 10 - 10
Productivity  3.06
Zero-Turn Configuration 60" Kawasaki FS651
Acres per Hour 2.75
Zero-Turn Configuration 60" Kawasaki FS651
Weight 695lbs
Height 42.55"
Height w/ ROPS Up n/a
Height w/ ROPS Folded n/a
Length 77.5"
Width n/a
Width w/ Chute Up 61"
Tire Width 46"
Dimensions w/ Catcher  
Zero-Turn Configuration 60" Kawasaki FS651
Catcher Type Side Catcher
Powered/Non-powered Non-powered
Catcher Capacity 3.5 bushel
Mower Length w/ Catcher 75.88"
Mower Width w/ Catcher 75.2"

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