Case IH tractors, Steiger, Magnum and Farmall tractors at Robertson Equipment, in North Carolina.

Case IH Tractors

  Steiger & Quadtrac 4WD

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Steiger & Quadtrac 4WD Case IH Steiger® and Quadtrac® Series 4WD tractors deliver proven wheeled or track performance in challenging conditions. Case IH 4WD tractors feature three frame sizes and an industry-leading long wheelbase and drawbar design for superior conversion of horsepower into pulling power – while delivering comfort, convenience and reliability. Plus, the AFS AccuGuide™ automated guidance system is standard.

  • models:
  • Steiger 335
  • Steiger 385
  • Steiger 435
  • Steiger 485
  • Steiger 535

  Magnum Series

Magnum Series Case IH Magnum™ Series tractors combine advanced technology with customer input to give you unmatched productivity in row crop operations.

  • models:
  • Magnum 180
  • Magnum 190
  • Magnum 210
  • Magnum 215
  • Magnum 225
  • Magnum 245
  • Magnum 275
  • Magnum 305
  • Magnum 335

  Puma Series

Puma Series Case IH Puma™ Series tractors are ideal for utility, livestock and mid-sized cash grain operations.

  • models:
  • Puma 115
  • Puma 125
  • Puma 140
  • Puma 155
  • Puma 165
  • Puma 180
  • Puma 195
  • Puma 210
  • Puma 225

  Maxxum Series

Maxxum Series Case IH Maxxum® Series tractors combine efficient power with operator convenience to handle the large workload and multiple tasks of livestock operations, row crop applications and roadside mowing.

  • models:
  • Maxxum 110
  • Maxxum 110Pro
  • Maxxum 115
  • Maxxum 120Pro
  • Maxxum 125
  • Maxxum 125Pro
  • Maxxum 130Pro
  • Maxxum 140Pro

  Farmall U Series

Farmall U Series Case IH Farmall® U Series tractors are hard-working, heavy-duty, deluxe tractors with high-capacity hydraulics to handle any application. These premier utility tractors feature full power, full comfort and full features and are ideal for demanding livestock duties, larger hay operations and heavy loader work.

  • models:
  • Farmall 85U
  • Farmall 95U
  • Farmall 105U

  Farmall N Series

Farmall N Series Case IH Farmall® N Series tractors are designed for vineyards, orchards, row crops and other applications where space is at a premium. The narrow configuration lets you maneuver easily in tight rows without causing damage, and the low center of gravity keeps you stable on hillsides and slopes.

  • models:
  • Farmall 75N
  • Farmall 95N

  Farmall C Series

Farmall C Series Elite utility machines with a low profile and low center of gravity, Case IH Farmall® C Series tractors offer outstanding performance and stability in tough and uneven terrain, tight spaces and low ceilings. Compact and maneuverable, Farmall C tractors are built with a heavy-duty frame, tough components and advanced controls.

  • models:
  • Farmall 65C
  • Farmall 75C
  • Farmall 85C
  • Farmall 95C

  Farmall Series

Farmall Series Case IH Farmall® Series tractors are basic, no-nonsense, multi-tasking machines, ideal for all-purpose applications – with standard features for value-added versatility.

  • models:
  • Farmall 70
  • Farmall 80
  • Farmall 90
  • Farmall 95
  • Farmall 95 High Clear

  Farmall Compact Series

Farmall Compact Series Multi-tasking Farmall® compact tractors are ideal for many of your chores.

  • models:
  • Farmall 31
  • Farmall 35
  • Farmall 40
  • Farmall 45
  • Farmall 50
  • Farmall 55
  • Farmall 60