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Krause disk harrows, rippers, chisels, finishers and tillage at Robertson Equipment, in North Carolina.

Krause Tillage

  Disc Rippers

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Disc Rippers The TL 3000 Disc Ripper from Krause takes primary tillage to the next level. Built for and tested with today's highest horsepower tractors, the TL 3000 provides single-pass crop residue management, soil tilth improvement and fall seed bed conditioning. Front disc gangs aggressively cut and size residue, while the parabolic ripper shanks manage compaction and improve soil tilth. Finally, the rear disc gangs aggressively break clods while blending soil and residue into a level fall seed bed that's ready for one-pass preparation in the spring.

  • models:
  • TL 3000-7R

  Inline Rippers

Inline Rippers Designed to provide maximum soil fracturing, while leaving most surface residue intact, the 4830 Series effectively reduces runoff an soil erosion. The positive effects of ripping with a 4830 also include these important agronomic factors: better soil tilth, enhanced root penetration and increased utilization of nutrients.

  • models:
  • 4830