Case IH tillage, disk harrows and primary tillage at Robertson Equipment, in North Carolina.

Case IH Tillage

  Offset Disk Harrows

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Offset Disk Harrows Case IH Heavy-Offset 790 offset disk harrows perform a wide array of soil conditioning tasks with tough, long-lasting components. Two models are available, providing a range of disk blade width and spacing options.

  • models:
  • Heavy-Offset 790 (All-purpose offset disk)
  • Heavy-Offset 790 (Plowing Disk)

  Tandem Disk Harrows

Tandem Disk Harrows Case IH True-Tandem™ disk harrows provide true tandem technology, for straight, easy pulling and maximum pass coverage. Ideal for primary tillage, seedbed preparation or chemical incorporation, True-Tandem disks feature durability and low-maintenance. Choose a rigid-frame or a flex-wing unit.

  • models:
  • True-Tandem 340
  • True-Tandem 370

  Chisel Plows

Chisel Plows The Case IH Flex-Till 600 chisel plow is a tough, dependable workhorse that can handle virtually any deep-till or conservation tillage task. Solid construction and a wide range of spacing and depth options make it versatile and efficient. Power the Flex-Till 600 with approximately 4 to 7 hp (3 to 5 kW) per foot or more in heavy soil conditions.

  • models:
  • Flex-Till 600

  Disk Rippers

Disk Rippers Tackle your primary tillage needs with a Case IH disk ripper – built for durability in tough conditions and flexibility to match your needs.

  • models:
  • Ecolo-Tiger 527B
  • Ecolo-Tiger 530C
  • Ecolo-Tiger 730C
  • Ecolo-Tiger 870
  • Ecolo-Tiger 9300
  • Conser-Till 690

  Inline Rippers

Inline Rippers No-till farming offers many important soil conservation benefits, but often at the expense of yields. Case IH in-line rippers help you maximize yields – and profits – by conditioning crop residue and managing soil tilth, plant food availability and seedbed preparation.

  • models:
  • Ecolo-Till 2500
  • 2500 Rip-Strip
  • 2500 Rip-Bed

  True-Tandem 330 Turbo

True Tandem 330 Turbo Till up the remains of your most recent crop, and prep the soil terrain for your next one, with the Case IH True-Tandem™ 330 Turbo. It’s a fast and efficient way to cover a lot of acres, manage residue and level the soil, in either the spring or fall.

  • models:
  • True-Tandem 330 Turbo

  Field Cultivators

Field Cultivators The Case IH Tiger-Mate® 200 field cultivator creates a firm, level seedbed that provides an optimum growing environment.

  • models:
  • Tiger-Mate 200

  Seedbed Conditioners

Seedbed Conditioners The Crumbler® 110 and 160 from Case IH provide the added benefit of seedbed preparation without an added pass across the field. They are the ideal tool to enhance the performance of Case IH primary tillage implements.

  • models:
  • Crumbler 110
  • Crumbler 160

  Nutri-Tiller 5310

Nutri-Tiller 5310 Boost your fertilizer dollar return and keep soil in its place with the Case IH Nutri-Tiller 5310 strip-till system. This system enhances your seedbed conditions while you manage crop residue, improve soil tilth and band plant food in the root zone.

Match toolbar style to fit your operation, whether it’s a 6- or 8-row 3-point hitch mounted version (15- or 20-ft./4.6- or 6.1-m wide), or the larger pull-type models in 8, 12 or 16 rows (20-, 30- or 40-ft./4.6-, 9.1- or 12.2-m wide). And you can custom-fit any model with various attachments to handle your residue management practices.

  • models:
  • Strip-Till Nutri-Tiller 5310