Case IH planters, air seeders and air drills at Robertson Equipment, in North Carolina.

Case IH Planting

  1200 Series Early Riser Planters

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1200 Series Early Riser Planters The Advanced Seed Meter and Early Riser row units work together to ensure consistent seed spacing, superior depth control and excellent seed-to-soil contact – at high field operating speeds.

  • models:
  • 1210 Rigid Mounted
  • 1220 Rigid Trailing
  • 1230 Stackerbar
  • 1240 Pivot-Transport
  • 1240 Split-Row Pivot-Transport
  • 1250 Front-Fold
  • 1260 Front-Fold

  Precision Air Carts

Precision Air Carts Case IH Precision Air® carts move seed and fertilizer separately from the cart to the seeding tool using patented downdraft meter technology for smooth product distribution. Air valve controls at each meter account for accurate delivery of product. All systems can be controlled and monitored in-cab. And a tough, wide-stance frame, along with several tire options, adds flotation and stability in any terrain.

  • models:
  • Precision Air 2230
  • Precision Air 2280
  • Precision Air 2330
  • Precision Air 3380
  • Precision Air 3430

  Flex Hoe Air Drills

Flex Hoe Air Drills Case IH Flex Hoe Series air hoe drills offer the size, configuration and precision you need to match your operation. And, you can choose from a wide variety of seed and fertilizer placement options, openers, row packing, trips and shanks.

  • models:
  • Flex Hoe 400
  • Flex Hoe 700

  Precision Hoe 800

Precision Hoe 800 The Case IH Precision Hoe™ 800 air hoe drill offers accurate seed and fertilizer placement and good residue flow in uneven conditions, thanks to the patented parallel link row unit and unique single shank design. With working widths of up to 70 feet and a narrow transport width, the Precision Hoe 800 is ideal for farmers growing canola, wheat and other high-value, small-seed crops on large acreages. Match it with an industry-leading Case IH Precision Air® air cart for both superior metering and seed placement accuracy.

  • working width(m):
  • 50ft. (15.2)
  • 60ft. (18.3)
  • 70ft. (21.3)

  Precision Disk No-Till Air Drills

Precision Disk No-Till Air Drills Case IH Precision Disk Series single disk no-till air drills offer excellent low disturbance seeding in high residue conditions. Precision Disk drills deliver accurate depth control, consistent seed placement and low furrow sidewall compaction. They also reduce soil disturbance to minimize weeds and improve residue clearance, allowing tall straw to flow through easily.

  • models:
  • Precision Disk 30
  • Precision Disk 40