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Woods landscape equipment, box blades and rear blades at Robertson Equipment, in North Carolina.

Landscape Equipment


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Aerators The Woods core aerator helps reduce soil compaction in heavy soil conditions. Case hardened 1/8-inch-thick spoons core the earth to allow air, water and minerals to revitalize the toughest turf. This professional grade plugger will provide years of maximum productivity for projects ranging from light-duty lawn care to professional landscaping. Available in 48, 60 and 72-inch widths.

  • models:
  • PL 48"
  • PL 60"
  • PL 72"


Blades Woods landscape blades are designed for maximum performance with minimum down time. Durable, formed moldboards are curved for rigidity and strength. Adjustable blades allow you to adjust the tilt, angle, and offset to match the job. Available in standard, medium and heavy-duty models in lengths ranging from five to ten feet. Whether it’s landscape grading, construction clean-up, or snow removal, rely on our full line of grading blades for years of performance and durability.

  • models:
  • RBC60
  • RBE4
  • RBE5
  • RB60
  • RB72
  • RB84
  • HBL72-2
  • HBL84-2
  • HBL96-2
  • RB750
  • RB850
  • RB990
  • RB1010

  Box Scrapers

Box Scrapers From the reinforced steel A-frame to the tough, reversible cutting edge, and replaceable shanks, Woods and Gill box scrapers are designed for exceptional durability and versatility. Full-length, double beveled cutting edges improve cut. High strength moldboards will withstand years of rugged use. A comprehensive line of standard-, medium-, and heavy-duty models are available in widths ranging from 48 to 84 inches. There’s even a rollover model for industrial use. The SR Series features a retractable scarifier bar that is operated from the tractor seat, making it both versatile and easy to use.

  • models:
  • GBC48
  • BSE 4
  • BSE 5
  • GB 48
  • GB 60
  • GB 65
  • GB 72
  • HB 72
  • HB 84
  • R20
  • R30
  • SR20
  • SR25
  • SR30
  • XB72
  • XB77
  • XB84


Chippers/Shredders Whether you’re creating mulch for the garden or clearing new-growth trees, Woods has the best tool for you. All Woods tractor chippers and chipper/shredders are PTO-driven with a three-point hitch mount for use with sub-compact, compact, and utility tractors-perfect for gardeners and landscapers.

  • models:
  • 5000
  • TCH-4500
  • 8000
  • 8100
  • Altitec CH-500
  • Altitec CH-800

  Disc Harrows

Disc Harrows The Woods DHM5, 6 and 7 disc harrows join the Woods’ line of attachments designed specifically for homes, small farms, and nurseries requiring a durable tillage tool that adds productivity to a tractor. Available in either 5-, 6- or 7-inch widths, this disc harrow offers a choice in 18-inch disc blades—all notched, or combination of notched/smooth.

  • models:
  • DHM5
  • DHM6
  • DHM7

  Posthole Diggers/Augers

Posthole Diggers/Augers Woods’ commitment to professional-grade, high quality equipment is evident in its line of post hole diggers. Heavy-duty welded construction and a rugged gearbox, with tapered roller bearings, spring-loaded seals, and forged steel teeth, offer the durability you need for big or small jobs, whatever the soil conditions. Available as three-point hitch attachments for category 0, category limited 1 and 1, and cat. 2 tractors. A wide range of auger diameters and types are available to meet a variety of needs.

  • models:
  • PHD25
  • PHD35
  • PHD65
  • PHD95


Pulverizers Woods professional-grade pulverizers loosen, level, and pulverize a wide variety of materials. They feature tough H-beam construction with heat-treated steel pins welded into the roller for years of superior performance. Add a second roller to any model to double your pulverizing action and create a smoother finish.

  • models:
  • 20A-148
  • 20A-168
  • SU-172
  • SU-172BT
  • SU-184
  • SU-184BT


Rakes Woods landscape rakes are built with the rugged durability you’ll need for tough clean-up jobs – and the versatility and fine raking features for light-duty lawn care and general maintenance.Our landscape rakes feature high strength box-type beams and spring-steel tines for handling rocks, dirt, or sand. Each model offers multiple angle positions and can pivot 360 degrees

  • models:
  • LRC60
  • LR72
  • LR106-2
  • LR107-2
  • LR108-2
  • LR700
  • LR800

  Stump Grinders

Stump Grinders The Woods SG100 stump grinder is just the right tool you've been looking for if you're serious about stump removal. With its (25) tough carbide teeth, the SG100 quickly devours a stump regardless of the type of wood.The new Woods TSG50 stump grinder offers a lot of power in a small package. With a tractor PTO requirement of only 15 horsepower, the TSG50 quickly becomes an indispensable attachment on smaller compact tractors, which would stall with the competitor's model stump grinders.

  • models:
  • SG100
  • TSG50


Tillers Woods tillers leave a smooth, cultivated finish whether you're re-tilling last year's garden or breaking into hard, compacted sod. Rugged, steel tines can rip nearly seven inches into the toughest ground. Hinged rear tailgate "floats" over obstructions and protects against flying dirt and debris. Slip clutch drive system helps prevent damage by allowing the drive to slip when tines hit an immovable rock or root.

  • models:
  • GTC40-2
  • GTC52-2
  • GTC60-2
  • GT52
  • GT60
  • GT72
  • GTO52
  • GTO60
  • GHT60
  • GHT72
  • SGT72
  • SGT80
  • SGT88