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Loftness shredders and flail mowers at Robertson Equipment, in North Carolina.

Loftness Shredders

  Crop Shredders-Pull Type

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Pull-Type New style pull-type wheel assemblies include a new tire. Two are recommended on 12 ft. & 13 ft. models, and four are recommended on 15 ft. through 22 ft. models. Four rear wheels and two front swivel wheels are recommended on 24 ft. through 30 ft. sizes. Front swivel wheels require the floating pull-type hitch. The standard pull-type hitch has 3rd link adjustment for leveling at any cutting height and a heavy-duty jack stand. Constant velocity PTO is provided for smooth turning and reduced turn radius. A disk hitch can be added to any pull-type shredder up to 22 ft. Large pull-types equipped with front and rear swivels can be easily transported with the addition of the transport hitch.

  • models:
  • 12' Pull-Type
  • 30' Pull-Type

  Crop Shredders-Fully Mounted

Fully Mounted Fully-mounted crop shredders are designed to be used with category 2 or 3 tractors equipped with a quick-hitch. Rigid rear wheels are most common, however, units may be equipped with rear swivel wheels. Ratchet jacks are usually all that is needed for the rear lift mechanism.

  • models:
  • 12' Fully-Mount
  • 30' Fully-Mount

  Crop Shredders-Semi Mounted

Semi Mounted Rear swivel wheels are used on the semi-mounted style. Two are recommended on the 12 ft.-15 ft. models, and four are recommended on the 18 ft.-30 ft. models. Front gage wheels are available to help prevent scalping and when equippedwith the transport hitch, can be used to end transport the 18 ft.-30 ft. models. Requires category 2 or 3 tractors with a quick-hitch.

  • models:
  • 12' Semi-Mounted
  • 30' Semi-Mounted

  Crop Shredders-Windrower

Windrower Unique new design allows airflow to escape through vents and rear defuser while residue is collected and directed down into a well-formed windrow.

  • models:
  • 180WC44P236
  • 240WC44P246

  Crop Shredders-Potato Special

Potato Special The contour knives follow the shape of the potato beds. Most units are fully-mounted with bed rollers. The bed rollers gage the height of cut from the top of the bed for more accurate cutting. The bed rollers also help push any uncovered spuds into the ground to reduce exposure to the sun. The contour knives are limited to 1450 RPM. The most common sizes are 12 ft & 18 ft. This is a special order shredder only.

  • models:
  • 12ft.
  • 18ft.