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Amadas harvesting equipment, peanut and bean combines at Robertson Equipment, in North Carolina.

Amadas Harvesting

  Self-Propelled Peanut Combine

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Self Propelled Peanut Combine It's a proven fact: High capacity, Self-Propelled Combines are the best method for harvesting peanuts! Here's why: Reduced crop damage and loss. Reduced overall harvesting costs. Increased harvesting capacity. Higher crop yield. Superior harvesting capability in adverse conditions.   

  Pull-Type Peanut Combine

Pull Type Peanut Combine Amadas Peanut Combines, with their patented peanut harvesting technology, stand alone as the largest, highest capacity pull-type combines available. The proven performance of the advanced picking and seperating technology of these combines has secured Amadas Industries' position as the leader in the design of innovative large volume, high capacity peanut harvesting technology. The M2110 is the next step in that progression.

  • models:
  • M2110
  • 997 4-Row
  • 2100 6-Row

  Peanut Diggers

Peanut Diggers Amadas Peanut Digger/Inverters are designed to minimize peanut loss and maximize dirt extraction during the digging process. Innovative new technology increases overall harvesting efficiency while maximizing peanut yields.

  • models:
  • ADI-436
  • ADI-438
  • ADI-630
  • ADI-636
  • ADI-638
  • ADI-640
  • ADI-830
  • ADI-836
  • ADI-840

  Crop Lifter Conditioners

Crop LIft Conditioners In keeping with our philosophy of providing farmers with a complete harvesting system, the innovative Amadas Models CLC-18 and CLC-19 Crop Lifter Conditioners bring a completely new concept to lifting and conditioning peanuts and other crops.

  • models:
  • CLC-18
  • CLC-19

  Crop Transporters

Crop Transporters The Amadas In-Field Crop Transporter is the largest available and is designed and built specifically to handle the high capacity output of both the Amadas Pull-Type and the Amadas Self-Propelled combines, including the OCS (Off-Load Conveying System) models.

  • models:
  • ICT1100
  • ICT1100-A
  • ICT1100-B

  Stalk Puller/Choppers

Stalk Pullers/Choppers AMADAS Hi-Speed Cotton Stalk Puller / Choppers provide a unique, integrated system for extracting harvested cotton stalks including the root system, and then chopping them into smaller pieces. The major advantage of this new system over conventional mowing, is that the crops’ root system is removed which allows you to more effectively break up the life cycle of insects and diseases that overwinter in the remaining stalk and root system normally left behind by shredders and mowers.

  • models:
  • SPC-4
  • SPC-6

  Edible Bean Combines

Edible Bean Combines The AMADAS Model 2105 Edible Bean Combine integrates a combination of separation technologies into a specialized harvesting system for edible beans which provides for a gentle, more continuous, “low impact” prethreshing, threshing, separating, and cleaning process. The bean pods are “hit” more times at slower speeds which provides a gentle threshing action with minimal damage. Unthreshed pods are continuously recirculated back through the threshing section rather than losing them out the back of the machine, which allows for high production, minimal loss, low seed coat check, and a high quality sample.

  • models:
  • 2105
  • 2105 Pull-Type

  Long Reach Mower

Long Reach Mower The new Amadas LRM6019 Long Reach Mower sets new standards for maintaining wood lines, ditch banks, and other hard to reach areas. The LRM6019 cuts grass, weeds, brush, tree limbs, small trees, and other woody material as much as 5-1/2” in diameter. With over 19’ of reach both horizontally and vertically, plus the ability to reach over fences and down hillsides, you can get to virtually all of your problem mowing areas and reclaim areas where tree lines and brush have encroached. Cutting these areas increases field efficiency and reduces damage to your valuable equipment. The Amadas LRM6019 was designed from the beginning to withstand the rigors of mowing brush and difficult areas.

  • models:
  • LRM6019