Case IH sprayers, floaters and Application equipment at Robertson Equipment in Colerain North Carolina.

Case IH Application Equipment

  Patriot Series Sprayers

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Patriot Series Sprayers Maximum strength and structural rigidity. Minimum weight and soil compaction. Patriot™ Series sprayers are designed to go more places, leave fewer ruts and get into wet fields sooner. Patriot sprayers lead the industry with features like the AIM Command® spray system, active suspension and the Surveyor™ cab.

  • models:
  • Patriot 3230
  • Patriot 3330
  • Patriot 4420

  Aim Command Spray System

Aim Command Spray System The AIM Command® spray system provides precise spray with complete control. It is a patented innovation in spray technology that multiplies the utility of a standard chemical boom. Retrofit any Case IH sprayer using existing boom, nozzles, pump and conventional flow-based rate controllers to save time and money.

It's easy to switch between AIM Command spraying and conventional spraying, using the same boom. The system offers a 2 to 24 GPA range with constant pressure independent of speed, with near instantaneous ability to switch rates while using a single nozzle tip.

  Precision Spray Series Sprayers

Precision Spray Series Sprayers Case IH Precision Spray Series pull-type sprayers combine an exclusive boom suspension system for stability and accuracy with a high clearance cart for best-in-class application. Choose between 1,000- or 1,600-gal. (3785- or 6056-L) tanks and suspended or wheeled booms in widths from 80 to 134 ft. (24.4 to 40.8 m).

  • models:
  • Precision Spray 100
  • Precision Spray 160

  Titan Series Floaters

Titan Series Floaters Case IH Titan™ Series floater chassis and applicators are built to handle the tough demands of changing terrain while accurately applying fertilizer and chemicals, season after season. Customize a Titan floater with your choice of 3- or 4-wheel configurations, two engine sizes, tires, single or multiple bins, tanks, boom widths and variable-rate application technologies to fit your needs.

  • models:
  • Titan 3020
  • Titan 3520
  • Titan 4020
  • Titan 4520

  810 Flex-Air Applicator

810 Flex-Air Applicator The Case IH 810 Flex-Air™ applicator delivers accurate application of dry fertilizer and granular herbicides. It’s designed to co-apply rather than blend for unmatched accuracy, and it meters near the distribution point so you can change rates instantly. Put one, two or three bins on your Titan™ Series floater. Then choose a 500-gal. (1890-L) liquid system, mounted externally to maximize bin capacity.

  • models:
  • 810 Flex-Air Applicator

  610 Liquid System

610 Liquid System Add a Case IH 610 Liquid System to your Case IH Titan™ floater chassis, and liquid fertilizer placement becomes easier and more accurate. The 610 features big booms, large tanks and stainless steel plumbing and is designed for demanding custom applicators who want to cover maximum acreage in minimum time.

  • models:
  • 610 Liquid System

  Fertilizer Applicators

Fertilizer Applicators Case IH fertilizer application equipment combines with the root zone banding legacy of DMI to make your fertilizer investment count. Whether you need to preplant, sidedress or strip-till, Case IH fertilizer applicators offer yield-boosting power by increasing nutrient uptake, minimizing runoff and delivering high returns.

  • models:
  • Nutri-Placer 2800
  • Nutri-Placer 5300
  • Nutri-Tiller 5310